Stanley Kubrick : The Killing (1956) (without the photos, cf tumblr)

The vivid pace of this straightly told Hitchcockian movie is set by the Narrator’s Voice.

This is his scheduled account:

At exactly 3:45 on that Saturday afternoon in the last week of September, Marvin Unger was perhaps the only one among the 100.000 people at the track who felt no thrill at the running of the fifth race.


An hour earlier that same afternoon, in another part of the city, Patrolman First Class Randy Kennan had some personal business to attend to.


At 7PM that same day, Johnny Clay, perhaps the most important thread in the unfinished fabric, furthered his design.      

Half an hour earlier, at approximately 6:30, Mike O’Reilly, the track bartender, came home.


At 7:15 that same night George Peatty, the track cashier, arrived at his appartment.


Three days later at 10:15 on a Tuesday morning Johnny Clay began the final preparations.

Earlier that morning, at 5AM, Red Lightning was fed a half portion of feed in preparation of the seventh race that afternoon, the 100.000 dollar Lansdowne Stakes.


At 7 that morning Johnny Clay began what might be the last day of his life.


It was exactly 7AM when he got to the airport.

Stopping first at a florist, he arrived at the motel at 8:15. He was on schedule.

He reached the bus station at 8:45.

At 9:20 he arrived at Mike’s apartment.    


Mike O’Reilly was ready at 11:15.

He reached the bus station at 11:29.

At 12:10, as it was his custom, he arrived at the track.

After the first race, Mike was very busy.

At exactly 3:32 that same afternoon officer Randy Kennan set in motion his phase of the operation.

Earlier that afternoon at 2:30 Maurice was at the chess club. He was to be at the track at four o’clock, just before the start of the seventh race.


It was exactly 4:23 when they dragged Maurice out.

At 11:40 that morning Nikki Arcane left his farm.


He arrived at the track at 12:30.

Nikki was dead at 4:24.

At 2:15 that afternoon Johnny Clay was still in the city.

40 minutes before, at 18:25, Johnny reached the motel.

Johnny arrived at the meeting place at 19:29, still 15 minutes too late.

Ten minutes later he bought the largest suitcase he could find.


Kubrick and producer Harris on the set of the movie:



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